Celebrating Ten Years and Counting: Andy Boylan

Mar 27, 2017

With this year being the 20th anniversary of Moray Reach Out our Business Manager Shona wanted to highlight some of our members of staff and volunteers who have been with the organisation the longest! Their years of work and heartfelt passion is why Moray Reach Out has thrived!

Andy started at Moray Reach Out as a volunteer in 2001. He had previous work experience at ARC and working with adults with learning disabilities. With this in mind a friend of his suggested volunteering for Moray Reach Out. He started by driving the van for Waste Watchers and after six months was offered a relief staff position. A couple years later he was offered a permanent part time post.

When asked what his favourite memory of Waste Watchers has been he responded that there were too many to choose from! He continued that it’s not really about the big memories but rather the day to day work that makes his time here so great!

His favourite part of the job he says is seeing all of the smiley faces in the morning! He loves helping out the guys and particularly helping them to realise that there is more to life than sitting in the house. He loves to see them realise their full potential!

One of the biggest changes he has seen during his time here was the move to Lossiemouth. He says that the move was a big big change, expanding from their own site to staffing the Council site. Andy also continued that the change in managerial staff throughout the years has created changes within Moray Reach Out which he finds quite important.

Andy’s hope for Moray Reach Out is that it keeps going for ever and ever! He explains that without Waste Watchers the town would be a sadder place and the trainees in particular would be lost without it now. He then joked that he would be lost without anyone to shout at!