Celebrating Ten Years and Counting: Annabella

Apr 18, 2017

With this year being the 20th anniversary of Moray Reach Out our Business Manager Shona wanted to highlight some of our members of staff and volunteers who have been with the organisation the longest! Their years of work and heartfelt passion is why Moray Reach Out has thrived!

Annabella started volunteering for Moray Reach Out in the fall of 2007, almost ten years ago. She has a vast range of retail experience since her first job working at a baker’s shop when she was 14. After seeing an advert in the paper looking for volunteers to work in Buckie Yarns, she decided to contact the shop.

Annabella started volunteering one day a week while she was working, but has increased her days over the years. She explains that she gets as much out of working here as the trainees do!

When asked what her favourite memory is she says that there are loads! She describes each and every trainee as special in their own way and they all appreciate what you are doing. She has loved getting to know them and the banter they have together. She jokes that she has even threatened to go to the disco with them!

She describes her work as very rewarding and has helped her get involved in the community. She jokes that if she didn’t come into the shop she would be in her pyjamas knitting at home!

Annabella describes her favourite part of volunteering as seeing the trainees motivated and working hard on a project. She loves seeing their faces when they finish and see all that they have achieved. Another favourite part of the shop is seeing all the diverse customers you get coming in! She loves hearing where they are from and helping with their knitting patterns.

The biggest change she has found during her time at Buckie Yarns is seeing the shop stock a wider range of wools over the years. She explains that different folk come in for different things and it is great that we now stock what they need!

Annabella’s hope for Moray Reach Out and Buckie Yarns is for it to keep going and to get bigger! She wants the company to be able to face the challenges the future will bring!