Do you know what happens to your purple bins?

May 2, 2017

We are Waste Watchers Lossiemouth. We are the team who sort and process the contents of your purple bins! As a Moray Reach Out social enterprise we provide work and training opportunities to vulnerable adults through staffing the Moray Council Recycling Centre in Lossiemouth.

Do you know what should and should not go in your purple bins?

We see all sorts come into our facility! Some of it we can recycle, but we also get a lot of things we can’t. Our team is very passionate about educating everyone in Moray about what we can recycle!


What should go in your purple bin:
– Plastic bottles
– Plastic trays if types 1 or 2 (check the number in the triangle on the tray – if not 1 or   2 then put it in your green bin)
– Aluminium drinks cans
– Steel cans (example: soup cans)


You can recycle all plastic bottles! For plastic trays check the triangle to see if it is Type 1 or 2 if it is not then place it in your green bin. Ideally you should rinse out the can or plastic. Squeeze air out of plastic bottles and replace the lid. Completely remove lids of cans, rinse and insert the lid back into the can.

What should not go in your purple bin:
– Electrical appliances
– Metal
– Clothes
– Glass
– Nappies
– Food Waste/General Household Items
– Industrial items (Like car parts or number plates)

Why is this important for everyone to know?

Our team hand sorts the recyclables that come along the belt. When incorrect materials appear they can cause health and safety issues for our trainees! It is also more hygienic for our team to only sort through what should be recycled! When we only have to sort through recyclable items then our work can be done faster and more efficiently.

Secondly it is better for the environment that you use your purple bin correctly, the more we recycle the greener we are!

Finally all items that find their way to our site that can’t be recycled need to be sorted and recycled properly where possible, but the remaining items end up at the landfill! When we send items to the landfill it costs everyone a lot of money and slows down site operation!

We love what we do and our goal is to make Moray a more environmentally friendly place!