If after viewing the sample you decide to amend the colours chosen, yes.

Yes, we can arrange delivery on request. Please note, price of postage will be added to total cost.

No, at current, we only embroider materials/garments.

Yes, we have an online catalogue that you can choose from.

Only under shop error.

No, it is the same price for all designs no matter the colours.

Through email by PDF format.

You can pay by cash, card or VAT invoice.

Approximately 2 weeks to complete order.

Time will vary depending on size and complexity of order.

Prices range from £5 on the front upper chest and from £7.50 for the back of a garment.

From £3.50, dependent on how many letters the name contains.

Yes, there is a one-off payment for first time customers.

£20 for one logo or £30 for two logos of the same logo at different sizes.

Once these designs are in our system, logos will cost from £5 each.

Biggest frame is 360mm x 200mm

Smallest frame is 40mm x 60mm 


Please contact us on info@morayreachout.org.uk or call 07522351513.

  • Aluminium and washed steel cans
  • Plastics Type 1 (PET) and Type 2 (HDPE)
  • Milk and Cream Bottles Rinsed
  • Bottle tops (leave off the bottle)
  • Oven trays
  • Styrofoam
  • Food trays that are not PET 1 or 2
  • Plastic bags

You can view a calendar on our MRO Recycling page with all the collection days which can be added to your own personal calendar.

Please note that these are subject to change due to staff shortages or dangerous weather. Any changes will be posted onto our Facebook.

Art Yarn

It is strongly recommended that all products using our wool should be hand-washed.

No, wool it great in both warmer and cooler climates as it helps regulate body temperature because it is an absorbent fibre. It helps aid your body’s natural cooling system.

This is all dependent on our staff, volunteers and trainees.

As our charity is trainee focused, we only go at a pace comfortable to them.

All of MRO wool comes from our own Shetland sheep or other local farmers.

Natural wool will retain its bright, rich colour without fading more so than other materials.