Logan’s Fund Charity

Sep 12, 2023

Logan’s Fund are a Scottish based children’s cancer charity who aim to provide anything that will give a cause for optimism or an alternative focus away from hospital and beyond the treatment they are going through for any child and their family affected by cancer. Their philosophy is to try and win back some of the childhood lost to time in hospital.  They want to give your child’s horizon a sprinkling of magic dust.

Logan’s Sunny Days is their lovely holiday respite caravan which allows precious family time together situated in Lossiemouth on the Moray Firth coast where they, as a charity, can be on hand to help make the families stay as fantastic as possible. Open year round and stays are for one week. It is the perfect location to come and make memories, have fun and laughs and forget about the ward, the appointment cards and the ringed dates on the calendar.  As part of your stay at Logan’s Sunny Days they will arrange and fund as much of your week’s activities and fun as they possibly can.

Moray Reach Out had the absolute honour this week to meet a wonderful family that has been supported by Logan’s Sunny Days. This is their second visit to the caravan and they had another amazing time. Parents, Susan & David, and Children, Zara & Zoe, have had a fun filled week of exploring and enjoying family time.

Logan’s Fund has been a valued customer of our MRO Embroidery project, getting personalised embroidered teddy’s for the children who visit Sunny Days for years. We spoke to Cameron Mackintosh who is a respected member of the Logan’s Fund Team about how they found out about MRO and what they wish to let the public know about the charity:

How did you become a customer of Moray Reach Out?

I was aware of the Elgin’s shop premises and the concept and programmes that were going on in Moray Reach Out.

Regarding actually getting the bears embroidered and personalised for the kids, we always try to do something personal for the families arriving. And I think it was by chance that I spotted the teddies on your Facebook page and saw that you also had rainbow bears, and since a lot of Logan’s imagery surrounds rainbows, I thought that it was perfect for what we were doing. So, I went to the shop and asked if I could get the logo for Sunny Days and Logan’s Fund digitised. From then on, we would get a teddy for every kid that comes to us with our logo, their name and the date of the visit embroidered on.

We always give every family a welcome pack for their arrival which includes a card from us, some gifts, vouchers and the personalised bear. We thought the bear was a nice thing to add to give the children a memento of their holiday. It is usually the first thing parents message us about when they get here, as the children are always so excited when they receive them.

Cameron Mackintosh, Logan’s Fund

How do you find working with MRO Embroidery?

As we go to the shop often to collect the bears, we have gotten to know the team and trainees very well. Their service is fantastic because sometimes we will get last minute bookings and they will always jump onto the order to get it finished before the family arrives which we really appreciate.

Cameron Mackintosh, Logan’s Fund

What do you want people to know about Logan’s Fund?

I would probably say, firstly, we’re all volunteers. We do everything in our free time and we all help because we want too as we think it makes a difference. As nobody gets paid, all the money that we make goes into the charity.

Another important part of what we do is that we support the whole family and every child within. We believe that it is important to do something special for all the children, not just the child who is going through/has been through treatment. This is because the siblings miss out on a lot and they have to make a lot of sacrifices as well. A lot of families are quite appreciative of this.

We also provide our service to families throughout the whole of Scotland. People just need to contact us through our website and fill out an enquire form.

Cameron Mackintosh, Logan’s Fund

How can the public help support you?

We rely on fundraising or donations, so if anyone wants to do any fundraising events for us, of any kind, they are always welcome. The past few years, during the pandemic, the ability for people to fundraise was limited so we are only now seeing things pick up as last year was really slow.

We would also be very grateful for anyone who would like to volunteer with us. We would be thrilled with any extra help, but we are specifically looking for people who could take small pockets of jobs within the charity as our current volunteers are spread very thin, as we can only help in our free time. For example, every family that comes here is given a list of activities and we then organise and arrange for the family to go on their chosen activities for the week, this helps take any pressure off them. So, a volunteer could help us by taking that job once or twice a month. If anyone is interested, they can contact us through our website or social media.

We have also been thinking of trying to get a business to sponsor us. For example, funding the bears for a year. In return we would give them publicity and they could also come out and meet a family if that is something that would interest them.

But we really do appreciate everything that people do to help Logan’s Fund and we truly believe that we help make a positive impact on families.

Cameron Mackintosh, Logan’s Fund

If you are interested in finding out more, check out their Facebook page and Website.