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Head Office

General and Business Development Manager

Shona Radojkovic

I joined Moray Reach Out in March 2014, as their General and Business Development Manager and I can honestly say there’s never been a dull moment!

I was so impressed with the organisation, the opportunities and support they were giving to adults with learning disabilities, the enthusiasm and commitment of the individuals within the 4 project teams and was immediately proud to have become part of it. The trainees (vulnerable adults) are amazing and without them, Moray Reach Out would not exist, quite literally.

Financial and HR Manger

Karen Vernon

I began working for Moray Reach Out in 2016. I had just moved to the Moray area and wanted to find a role that would help others and the community. When I saw the role advertised, I knew I had to apply as it not only combined my desire to put something back into the community, but MRO also embraced another great interest of mine, recycling.

At MRO, everyone is striving for the same goal which makes it a great environment to work in. The staff, volunteers, trainees, and our customers are all a pleasure to work with and they are the biggest reason that I enjoy coming into work. Look for the good in everyone!

Digital Training Support Worker

Megan Fairley

I joined MRO in 2021 and my role encompasses everything online, from updating our website, marketing, photography, and everything in between. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when applying for the role, but I am so happy that I did. The best part about my time here so far, definitely has to be the people. Coming into MRO was like joining a wee family and they have all made me feel so welcome. Everyone has the same passion and drive and that is to empower others, the positivity is infectious.


Team Leader – Elgin

Gemma Morrison

I am the new team leader of MRO Recycling at Moycroft in Elgin, I am thoroughly enjoying working here and feel very welcomed by all staff and trainees. I feel so far everyone is being treated fairly, well respected and have found it to be a great environment for all, giving the vulnerable adults a safe , productive environment and empowering their lives. When I saw the role advertised, I felt this is where I would like to work to be part of a great organisation and team and I wasn’t wrong, I’m so glad I applied.

My hobbies out of work are my love for horses, I have had them all my life and thoroughly enjoy the therapeutic side of them, I am very lucky to have my own horse.  I am a very active person and love anything to do with outdoor activities and will give anything a go.

Team Leader – Buckie

Karen McKilligan

Training Support Staff 

Kearin Reid –

I joined MRO in early 2021 through the Kickstarter Programme and helped out in the Art yarn and Upcycling projects. After 6 months they offered me a full-time position in MRO recycling. I love coming to work as the trainees are fantastic. They come into work everyday with such a positive energy and it is definitely contagious.


Jack Johnston –

Shaun Burns – 

It’s a real joy to come to work at Moray Reach Out’s Moycroft branch, the days are full of interest and fun.  This is down to the friendly, caring atmosphere of the workplace which is a testament to Moray Reach Out’s approach to providing companionship and training in life skills, and the great characters and personalities of our trainees.

Colin Mowat –

Kevin Appleton –

Paul Stewart


Thrift Team Lead

Christina Malcolm

I am the team leader for MRO’s thrift store in Buckie, I began working here just last year (2020) and I started off as a volunteer and loved it so much that I applied for a permanent position. A particular interest of mine is Antiquates which is why I feel this role is perfect for me.

Out of everything, my favourite things about MRO has got to be working with the trainees and being around Antiquates. For me, it is the perfect balance. MRO is leading by example by giving vulnerable adults a safe, empowering, and productive environment which lets them all flourish. Everyone is treated fairly and with respect, staff, volunteers, and trainees alike.

Art Yarn and Upcycling Project Team Lead

Jon Reeves

Due to successful lottery funding I joined MRO as a Project Team Lead to begin the first chapter of MRO Art Yarn and hopefully there will be many more to come.

Before joining MRO, I spent 40 years working in the agricultural sector, on a mixed dairy, arable farm, followed by agricultural contracting. The last 20 years were spent working for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) managing farming operations on nature reserves.

Arts and Crafts Team Lead

Suzanne Gray

I am Suzanne the Yarn & Crafts Team Leader. I only started working for MRO 3 weeks before the initial Covid lockdown. So, my main focus has been getting to know the Trainees and restocking the shop with some of the new yarns and old favourites.

MRO is an amazing place for anyone to work in but especially for the Trainees, as by coming here it gives them a sense of purpose and pride in what they can do and achieve.

Embroidery Team Lead

Anna Bebas

I have a Master’s in Business Administration. I joined MRO in 2016 after changing my career path to focus more on social care. This line of work grabbed my attention because I believe it is important to help out and empower others where you can.

Retail Training Support Workers

Lisa Anderson – 

I started working for Moray Reach Out in 2022 in the embroidery department in Elgin. I love that no day is the same and supporting the trainees to learn new skills and seeing how proud they are when they have created something from start to finish with minimal support is highly rewarding. 

Donna Buchan –

After being out of work for a few years, I wanted to get back into a work environment were I could make a difference. I found Moray Reach Out and felt that it would be a great place for me.

I have always wanted to make vulnerable adults feel empowered and bring some extra positivity into their life’s. It is such awarding work and getting to see the finished product at the end is fantastic.

Clare Dock –

Jacqueline Johnston –

Annie Reeves –

Eileen Taylor –

Janet Winterbourne –



We have a number of volunteers and relief staff who we are very grateful to for their hard work and dedication. For reasons of data protection, only a few names are listed with consent. If you would like to join our team of volunteers and relief staff, please contact us on or phone 01542 834434

Mo Wishart

I’ve been with Moray Reach Out for 15 years. Working with the young adults with learning disabilities. Is a great pleasure, when I walk in on a Monday morning, and there all smiles is worth every minute I’m there.

Alison Gardinier –

I’m a relative newbie so there is still a lot to learn. The trainees are great to be around and always keep me on tract as I can be rather forgetful. The banter here is fantastic and everyone is always having good fun!

Sheila Mackenzie –

I’ve been working with Moray Reach Out for since 2017. It is a nice place to come and work as everyone is friendly, good fun and relaxed.

Caroline Poulton –

I am a regular Monday volunteer (and occasional employee) at the Elgin MRO Embroidery Shop. I’ve been involved with MRO for over a year and it is great to see the trainees learning new skills and growing in confidence. Their happy smiling faces are enough to brighten any Monday.