Pros and Cons of Company Uniforms

Oct 19, 2021

Uniforms, yay or nay?

By Megan Fairley

Art Yarn Uniform

Everyone you speak too will have a different view on whether uniforms are good or bad. We are going to lay out both the advantages and disadvantages for you to decide yourself, on which side of the fence you sit.

  1. Pro – Sense of belonging

Feeling like part of the team can be a great motivational boost and bonding experience for everyone in the company. Everyone strives for a sense of belonging and acceptance and uniform helps people gain this.

  1. Con – Removes Individuality

On the other hand, some may argue that the use of uniform may limit self-expression and the freedom of being who they want to be.

  1. Pro – No discrimination

Having a company uniform, can reduce discrimination and bullying in the workplace. When a company provides their employees with a uniform it ensures that everyone is on a level playing field.

  1. Con – Sizing issues

From past experiences I can 100% understand why this is a con of uniform. If the uniform that the company supplies is generic and doesn’t cater for different sizes and shapes it become very disheartening for the employee. It can make them feel especially self-conscious if they keep having to go another size up because the clothing sizes are different from standard retail.

  1. Pro – Advertisement for company

What is better than free advertising? When your employees are out and about in their uniforms, they are promoting your brand and increasing awareness of your company. The more you increase the public awareness of your company the more you will get them to trust and seek out your services.

For example, buying a phone; Company 1 is a well-known trusted brand and company 2 is one you have never heard of before. Even although the phones from both companies have the exact same spec and company 2’s price is lower; most people would likely opt for company 1. Why? Because people are always going to be unsure of the unknown.

  1. Con – Lowering self-esteem

Leading on from point 4; If the uniform doesn’t fit properly or makes people feel uncomfortable it will negatively impact their self-esteem. For example, if all ladies have to either wear a skirt or dress, this may effect some women negatively as not everyone feels comfortable in these types of clothing or would prefer to wear trousers.

  1. Pro – Reduced Stress

Speaking for myself, I enjoy having a uniform. It removes the internal questions of; what I am going to wear tomorrow? Will people judge my clothing? Do I look fashionable? Is what I am wearing acceptable? And so on. Removing this additional stress from my life, especially in the morning, is ideal.

  1. Con – Employee Resistance

This is more appropriate for companies who have just recently brought in the policy of uniform. As with anything new you are bound to come up against some form of resistance and there will be an adjustment period for some people to come around and accept the new policy of uniform.

Moray Reach Out

Recycling Uniform

Here at Moray Reach Out we are Pro-Uniform and believe that so long as you work with your team to get them clothing that will fit and make them feel comfortable and listen to any queries, then you are onto a winner.  We also actively support other companies who wish to put their logos on uniforms/accessories. Our amazing Embroidery Shop in Elgin does some wonderful work and not just for companies but personalised gifts too. Click the link below to have a look at their online catalogue.