Spreading Kindness

Nov 13, 2023

Moray Reach Out and World Kindness Day

Hey there, folks! In a world that can sometimes feel a bit crazy, we’ve got World Kindness Day to remind us of the magic of compassion and empathy. It’s that special day on November 13th when we celebrate the greatness of random acts of kindness, and how these small gestures can create waves of positivity. Today, we’re diving into the connection between World Kindness Day and Moray Reach Out (MRO), a Scottish charity with a big heart and an even bigger mission.

World Kindness Day: A Bit of Background:  World Kindness Day wasn’t created by an official government office. It all started back in 1998 when a group of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from all around the world got together. They formed the World Kindness Movement with a goal: to remind us all of the power of being kind. The idea was to shine a spotlight on the positive vibes that bind us together.

Moray Reach Out: The Kindness Connection: Now, why does this connect with MRO? Well, we’re all about spreading kindness too! MRO is on a mission to create opportunities for people who might face some challenges in life, especially adults with disabilities. We offer meaningful placements to boost confidence and create a sense of belonging and fulfilment. Through our seven varied projects including, Recycling, Art Yarn, Upcycling and our Thrift, Wool (Yarns & Crafts) and Embroidery shops, we’re living proof that kindness is more than just words; it’s action.

The Chain of Kindness: Ever heard the saying, “Kindness is contagious”? Well, it’s true! World Kindness Day is all about that. When we see someone doing something considerate for others, we’re more likely to be kind ourselves. We hope that MRO can be a catalyst for kindness. As we empower, not only, our trainees but staff, volunteers and customers, we like to believe that they will then go out and spread kindness in their circles.

Celebrating World Kindness Day: What’s the best way to celebrate this special day? Easy, just be kind! Compliments are free, so give them out like confetti. Tell your friends, family, and co-workers something nice about themselves — it’ll make their day. And if you see someone in a pickle, lend a hand. It’s like a kindness relay race. You help them, and they’re more likely to help someone else.

In conclusion, World Kindness Day shows us that kindness is like a secret language everyone understands. Moray Reach Out, with our dedication to empowering individuals, is living proof that kindness can change lives and communities. So, as we celebrate this awesome day, let’s be inspired by MRO’s work and make kindness a part of our daily lives. Together, we can create a world where compassion and empathy are the superstars. 🌟

If you wish to get involved with Moray Reach Out check out our GET INVOLVED page as there are many ways you can help us with our mission.