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Trainee Testimonials

When I do recycling I process fine and slowly and put the plastic bottles in the green bales and then get them crushed. I enjoy working with staff and other trainees and whilst on van collections I like meeting the public and customers.


MRO Art Yarn, Recycling & Upcycling

I like serving customers, checking orders and folding the finished products ready for the customer to collect. We’ve got lovely staff and volunteers here and they make me feel good.


MRO Embroidery

I do van collection and the recycling in Buckie I really enjoy this.


MRO Recycling & Upcycling

I like David and Jack. Coming to MRO makes me feel happy as I have lots of friends here.


MRO Recycling & Upcycling

I enjoy helping with the embroidery, especially measuring and doing the logo samples for customers. I am glad I come to Moray Reach Out, it makes me happy.


MRO Embroidery

Moray Reach out is good, I like the company and recycling, but my favourite part is doing the van collection.


MRO Recycling & Upcycling

I work at Moray recycling and I like doing the first lane, the picking, the shaker and the box. It’s really great working here as I love spending time with my friends.


MRO Recycling

I enjoy coming to Moray Reach Out as it helps me to relax and feel part of something bigger. It is also great, as weaving is one of my favourite hobbies.


MRO Art Yarn

Moray Reach Out has always made me feel welcomed and the part I enjoy most is being in the company of other people.


MRO Upcycling & Art Yarn

I like David, he is a good worker. I like being here, it is good, I enjoy it.


MRO Recycling

I like coming to MRO Embroidery to paint and see my friends, especially Mo and Shirley.


MRO Embroidery

I like to spread joy around the workplace and I like to see people happy. And I’m happy at my job as well.


MRO Thrift

I like coming to MRO because I love everyone, and my favourite project is the wood-work.


MRO Art Yarn & Upcycling

I work at the recycling in Elgin. I enjoy coming here for my friends.


MRO Recycling