Let’s Dance! Volunteer at MRO Discos

Feb 14, 2024

Are you ready to groove, have fun, and make a meaningful difference in your community? Look no further than the Monthly MRO Discos! These vibrant events are not just about music and dancing; they’re about creating inclusive spaces where all adults with disabilities in the Moray Area can come together to enjoy themselves. And guess what? They need your help to keep the rhythm going!

Join the Dance Floor as a Volunteer

Every month, these fabulous discos light up the night, offering a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Whether it’s shaking a leg to the latest tunes, catching up with friends, or simply soaking in the joyful atmosphere, there’s something for everyone.

As a volunteer, you’ll play a crucial role in ensuring the success of these events. From helping at the door for entry payments to overseeing the disco and assisting with the clean-up afterwards, your support is invaluable. And let’s not forget the best part – the smiles you’ll bring to the faces of those attending. It’s an experience that’s truly rewarding.

Why Volunteer?

  1. Community Spirit: Volunteering at the MRO Discos is an excellent way to connect with your community and contribute to something meaningful. By lending a helping hand, you’ll be fostering a sense of belonging and inclusion for all attendees.
  2. Spread Joy: Imagine the joy of seeing someone light up with excitement as they enter the disco, knowing that you played a part in creating that moment. Your presence and support make a world of difference to those who attend.
  3. Make New Friends: Dancing, laughing, and working together – volunteering at the MRO Discos is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and forge lasting friendships. Share the dance floor and share some smiles!
  4. Personal Growth: Volunteering isn’t just about giving; it’s also about learning and growing. You’ll develop new skills, gain valuable experience, and broaden your perspective by stepping into this rewarding role.

How to Get Involved

Ready to take the first step towards making a difference? Getting involved is easy! Simply mark your calendar for the next MRO Disco and reach out to Angela – 07951 088184 – or contact us with the form below to express your interest in volunteering. Whether you can commit to one event or join us regularly, your support is greatly appreciated.

Remember, it’s not just about the time you give; it’s about the impact you make and the memories you create. So, lace up those dancing shoes, and let’s make every MRO Disco an unforgettable experience for all!

All Disco dates and locations below:

Dates Location
February 23rdEx-serviceman’s Club, Elgin
March 29thBritish Legion, Buckie
April 19thEx-serviceman’s Club, Elgin
May 31stBritish Legion, Buckie
June 21stEx-serviceman’s Club, Elgin
July 26thBritish Legion, Buckie
August 30thEx-serviceman’s Club, Elgin
September 27thBritish Legion, Buckie
October 25thEx-serviceman’s Club, Elgin
November 29thBritish Legion, Buckie
DecemberNo Disco