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Interested in volunteering at one of our exceptional projects?

Each project calls for different skills, so if you’re considering volunteering, we can organise a visit to our projects and tailor your role to match your skills, interests, and availability. We offer a diverse range of projects:

      • Buckie Recycling (includes van collection)
      • Elgin Recycling
      • Upcycling
      • Embroidery
      • Thrift Shop
      • Art Yarn
      • Yarns and Crafts

🌟 Why Volunteer?

      • Give back to the community
      • Make a difference in people’s lives
      • Meet new friends
      • Learn new skills
      • Boost your confidence
      • Embrace a new challenge
      • Have fun and enjoy the company of others

🚀 Volunteer Process

    1. Get in touch.
    2. Fill out an application form.
    3. Have an informal visit to explore all of our MRO projects and decide which suits you best, and us.
    4. Meet with the line manager/team lead and another staff member to address any questions.
    5. Attend a Volunteer Induction (note: PVG check is required; costs will be reimbursed by MRO).


🌈 Desirable Qualities We value volunteers who are:

      • Reliable and trustworthy
      • Flexible to project needs
      • Punctual
      • Comfortable working with people of all abilities
      • Possess a good sense of humour

We’re looking for team players who share our vision of empowering lives in our ever-evolving and growing organisation.


📞 Get in Touch If you’re keen on becoming an MRO volunteer, please contact us below or call 01542 834434.”

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