Winter Newsletter 23/24

Dec 14, 2023

Moray Reach Out helping adults with disabilities gain a real sense of purpose and pride


Winter is here!

Can you believe we’re already cozied up for Winter?
Well, buckle up because we’ve got a sleigh-load of exciting news and updates, straight from Santa’s workshop! 🎅✨

Festivities at MRO

This holiday season, Moray Reach Out has something truly special to adorn your homes – our collection of five unique Christmas trees, each a masterpiece crafted with care and creativity. 🏡🌟

📍 Handcrafted Elegance: Each tree is a testament to the skill and dedication of our talented team. Handcrafted with love, they bring a touch of rustic charm to your festive decor.
📍 Versatile Designs: Choose from either green painted or plain trees, each with its unique character. The variety ensures there’s a perfect match for every home’s aesthetic. 🌲
📍 Family-Friendly Decorating: Embrace the festive spirit with your loved ones! These trees provide a fantastic canvas for a family decorating activity. Break out the acrylic paint, and let your creativity run wild together. 🎨👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
📍 Safety first with Osmo oil: What makes these trees even more special? We care about your home environment. That’s why we use Osmo oil, a fantastic vegetable-based option that’s safe for your home, perfect for families with pets and little ones. 🏡👶🐾

🌟 Embrace the Spirit of Upcycling this Christmas! 🌲✨

This festive season, give the gift of purpose and creativity with Moray Reach Out Upcycling! 🎁✨ Transforming discarded wood into delightful treasures, our Upcycling project is where craft meets empowerment.

🎨 Crafting Creativity Watch as our team designs, saws, sands, and assembles reclaimed wood into marvelous creations. Each piece tells a unique story of transformation, ready to grace your home with charm and character.

🌱 Supporting Success, One Purchase at a Time When you choose our upcycled treasures, you’re not just buying a product – you’re supporting opportunities for individuals facing challenges. Be a part of our empowering initiative and make a positive impact with every purchase.

🌱 Perfect for All Garden Enthusiasts Our products are tailored for both beginners discovering the joy of gardening and avid gardeners looking for unique, eco-friendly additions to their green spaces.

🎁 Gifts that Transform Lives: What We’ve Created So Far
🌱 Seed Boxes
🐿️ Red Squirrel Feeders
🪑 Table and Benches
🏡 Bird Homes
🍳 Outdoor Play-Kitchen
🔘 Buttons
🥕 Vegetable Planters
🗑️ Waste Bin Covers

& so many more

This Christmas, choose a gift that’s not just beautiful but meaningful. Let’s upcycle, create, and empower lives together! 🌟💚 

Our Embroidery Shop in Elgin is buzzing with festive delights! 🎄🎁 From handmade cards to adorable Christmas teddies and quirky knick-knacks, we’ve got the perfect things to make your holiday extra special! 🐻🎀

🎅 Swing by, soak in the festive vibes, and pick up unique, handcrafted goodies that spread joy and warmth! 🛍️✨ Because nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ like a touch of handmade magic. 🌟💌

MRO Winners 🌟

🌟🎉 Big Shoutout to Paul! 🎁👏
Our lucky winner, Paul, collecting his fabulous raffle prize from the Elgin Christmas Stall on Saturday Dec 25th! 🌲✨
Your smile says it all, Paul – congratulations on your win!
Thanks to everyone who participated and made the event merry and bright. 🎅🎁 Let’s continue spreading the joy this festive season! 🌟🌈

Congratulations to lucky number 61 for winning our lucky squares for the brand new toddler bike!

We hope it is put to good use 🌟👏🚲

Fun Learning Days at MRO Recycling, Elgin! 🌟

Our amazing MRO Recycling trainees are not just mastering fire and personal hygiene awareness—they’re also tying up the excitement by learning how to tie their shoes! 🌟 Every day is a celebration of victories, big and small! 🎉👟

MRO Recycling, Buckie

🌟 Calling All Business Owners! 🚛

Considering recycling services? Look no further than Moray Reach Out!

💚 We offer more than just top-notch van collection and recycling—we’re on a mission to empower vulnerable adults across Moray.

🌱 Providing training places and work experience for those facing learning and mental health challenges, your choice directly impacts lives.

♻️ Our dedicated trainees collect and process business recycling, proudly serving over 140 customers!

🤝 Competitive prices, friendly service. Have inquiries? We’re here! Reach out via our website or give us a call on 01542 834434. Let’s make a positive impact together!

MRO Thrift Shop

✨️100 Square Raffle✨️

MRO Thrift Shop is doing a 100 square raffle with the prize being an epic festive hamper! 🎅
It will be drawn on the 15th of December, perfect for a Christmas present 😄
Pop down to our shop in Buckie to purchase your square, only £1! 🥳

✨️50 Square Raffle✨️

For just £2 per ticket, you could be the lucky winner of a spectacular prize – Grants blended whisky, Italian blush rose wine, special reserve port, Terry’s chocolate truffles, and four glasses! 🥃🍷🍫🥂

The raffle kicked off on December 1st and runs until December 18th, or until all 50 squares are sold (whichever comes first). 📆✨

Big thanks to everyone in advance who grabs a ticket, each purchase allows MRO to continue helping adults with disabilities gain a real sense of purpose and pride!🌟👏

Exciting News

Last-minute yarn magic in progress! 🌟 We’re joyfully sending a top-up supply of wool and buttons to Caledonian Wool, who’ve quickly run out due to overwhelming demand. Let’s keep those creative needles clicking for a fabulous Christmas! 🎄

Also, a massive shout out to the wonderful school in Twickenham, South London, for embracing our bird boxes in their outdoor teaching project.🐦
Your support is creating a ripple of creativity and learning! 📚

We have also welcomed a new member to our MRO Upcycling Team, John 🛠️
We’re absolutely thrilled to have him on board, bringing in fresh ideas and creativity. Let’s give him a warm welcome! 🌈🎨

Elgin Christmas Market

A big festive thank you to everyone who swung by to say hello at the Elgin Christmas Market! Your cheerful presence truly warmed our hearts, and we had an absolute blast getting into the Christmas Spirit with you all! 🎄😊

Shop Updates

Starting January 3rd, our Embroidery Shop in Elgin is adjusting its opening time to 9:30 am. A little extra snooze before diving in the world of embroidery! 🧵🎨

And mark your calendars because the yarn extravaganza is about to begin! 🎉 Our Yarns & Crafts Shop will be treating you to a fabulous 20% sale off on ALL products starting January 8th. Don’t let this crafty celebration slip away! 🛍️🌈

Join the Moray Reach Out Family

Transforming lives, one project at a time! 🌈✨
We’re on the lookout for enthusiastic trainees to join our Art Yarn, Upcycling, Recycling, Yarns and Crafts, Embroidery, and Thrift Shop teams! 🛍️🎨
Know someone ready to embrace purpose and pride?
Let’s create more opportunities and make a positive impact together! 💙🤝
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Ready to make a positive impact? Volunteer with us: Explore our diverse projects—Buckie Recycling, Elgin Recycling, Upcycling, Embroidery, Thrift Shop, Art Yarn, Yarns and Crafts. 🌈 We tailor roles to your skills, interests, and availability!
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Support us by shopping with us, volunteering or donating/fundraising. 
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