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The following MRO Upcycled products are collection or delivery in the Moray area only.

Collection from Buckie or Elgin shops.

Insect Hotels
Bird Tables
Floor Planter
Small Planter
Medium Planters
Large Planters
Small Triple Planter
Compost Bin
Box Planter
Three tier Planter
Adult Picnic Table
Waste Bin Storage
Log Storage
Double Planter
Kids picnic table
Classic Tree
3D Activity Tree
Overlap Tree
Triangle Tree
Zigzag Tree

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Approximate Measurements & Prices


Small: Height 300mm x Length 300mm x Width 100mm – £20

Medium: Height 350mm x Length 350mm x Width 160mm – £30

Large: Height 530mm x Length 520mm x Width 160mm – £35



With Stand: Height 1.8m x Length 450mm x Width 360mm – £60

Without Stand: Height 300mm x Length 450mm x Width 360mm – £38

Impressive Features:

  • Crafted with sturdy Moray wood for durability and charm.
  • A design that adds a touch of elegance to any garden setting.



Square: 260mm x 440mm x 440mm – £25

Floor: Height 350mm x Length 800mm x Width 300mm – £35

Small: Overall Height with legs 500mm x Length 800mm x Width 350mm – £40

Medium: Overall Height with legs 700mm x Length 800mm x Width 350mm – £40

Large: Overall Height with legs 700mm x Length 1m x Width 350mm (Without floor tray) £50 (With floor tray) £60

All boxes on standing planters are 300mm deep.



Adult: Fits 6 people – Length 1.6m x Width 1.5m – £240

Kids Picnic Table

Exceptional Features:

  • Robust construction for durability, ensuring the bench lasts through countless play sessions.
  • Available in vibrant pink and blue, adding a touch of whimsy to your outdoor space.
  • Main structure bolted together with strong screws for added safety.

💰 Price: £120

🌟 Bespoke Designs for Unique Fun: Looking for something specific? Get in touch with Jon at 07708 660067 for any bespoke designs, making playtime even more personalized and enjoyable.



Three Tier: We will call to discuss the measurements to suit you – £80

Four Tier: We will call to discuss prices and measurements.



1 Waste Bin: Height 1.1m x Length 700mm x Width 800mm – £80

2 Waste Bins: Height 1.1m x Length 1.3m x Width 800mm – £110

3 Waste Bins: Height 1.1m x Length 1.8m x Width 800mm – £150

4 Waste Bins: £200

All prices are approximation’s, prices are subject to change if your specs are different from the above.

Our Waste Bin Storage’s can be created with or without a planter added on top. The height with a planter would be approx 1.2m


Five types of trees:

  1. Classic Tree
  2. 3D Activity Tree
  3. Overlay Tree
  4. Triangle Tree
  5. Zigzag Tree

Please message us to order the tree of your choosing, using the form below, and let us know where you wish to collect – Elgin or Buckie.


  • Removable lid and front panels for easy filling and emptying.
  • Locally sourced timber from the heart of Moray, ensuring quality and supporting our community.
  • Finished with nourishing Linseed oil for weather protection, ensuring durability in all seasons.
  • Dimensions: 60 cm x 60 cm x 80 cm high.

💚 Price: £75

Key Features:

  • Three individual boxes, each measuring 60cm x 40cm x 16cm deep.
  • Overall length of 96cm for a balanced and aesthetic look.
  • The middle box stands tall at 63cm, adding dimension to your arrangement.

💰 Price: £80

Impressive Features:

  • Two spacious boxes, each measuring 80cm x 40cm x 23cm deep.
  • The top box stands tall at 90cm, providing a perfect showcase for your vibrant flowers.

💰 Price: £80

Key Features:

  • Two box planters with an attractive rim, creating a stylish and cohesive look.
  • Locally sourced Moray wood ensures both quality and community support.
  • Natural Linseed oil finish for a timeless and weather-resistant appeal.

💰 Price: £50 each or £80 for two

Premium Features:

  • Robust construction ensuring longevity and sturdiness.
  • Shiplap boarding and felt roof for maximum weather resistance.
  • Locally sourced Moray wood, supporting both quality and community.

💰 Price: £150

🛠️ Customizable Sizes: Need a specific size? No problem! Just get in touch, and we’ll tailor the log store to your requirements.

Each product can be adjusted in size to suit your needs as everything is made to order.

One of our MRO Upcycling team will contact you to discuss.

Payments are made by direct bank transfer – details will be sent to you once details and price is confirmed.

Colours Available: Forrest Green, Slate Gray, Royal Blue & Dark Brown

Please use the form to send us a message or contact us on FB messenger (link to our page below) if you wish to order one of our MRO Products that are for collection/delivery in the Moray area only.

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