Celebrating Ten Years and Counting: Mo Wishart

Apr 3, 2017

With this year being the 20th anniversary of Moray Reach Out our Business Manager Shona wanted to highlight some of our members of staff and volunteers who have been with the organisation the longest! Their years of work and heartfelt passion is why Moray Reach Out has thrived!

Mo started as a volunteer at Moray Reach Out May 8, 2007. She said that she had seen an advert looking for volunteers in the window of the old shop (Start2Knit) on Commerce Street. Mo had been looking for something to fulfil her week as she didn’t work full time and had been particularly drawn to working with adults with learning disabilities.

Since starting to volunteer at In Stitches she said she has made loads of amazing memories. She explains that one of the best parts is the feeling of walking in on a Monday morning and seeing how excited the trainees are to see you.

Mo went on to say that it not only fulfils their days with meaningful work but has also helped her personally. Describing herself as a shy person when she first came to Moray Reach Out, she explained that interacting with the trainees and seeing how worthwhile her time is with them has really boosted her self confidence.

Her favourite parts of volunteering have been working with the clients and watching them develop their skills. She has loved seeing them learn new skills like knitting and sewing and watching them flourish over the years.

One of the biggest changes she has experienced at Moray Reach Out was moving In Stitches to a bigger shop and diversifying into the embroidery service. She explained that the embroidery takes in a lot of custom and has provided different and new skills for the trainees to learn, including cutting threads and folding shirts.

Her hope for In Stitches and Moray Reach Out as a whole would be for it to keep progressing as the years go by!