Festive Square Spectacular!

Nov 30, 2023

🎄✨ The holiday cheer is in full swing at Moray Reach Out’s Thrift Shop, and we’ve got something exciting in store just for you! 🌈🛍️

🌟 Introducing the MRO Thrift Shop Christmas Raffle: Your Ticket to Festive Delight! 🌟

What’s up for grabs? For just £2 per ticket, you could be the lucky winner of a spectacular prize – Grants blended whisky, Italian blush rose wine, special reserve port, Terry’s chocolate truffles, and four glasses! 🥃🍷🍫🥂

When does the magic happen? The raffle kicks off on December 1st and runs until December 18th, or until all 50 squares are sold (whichever comes first). 📆✨

Why you don’t want to miss out: Picture this – a cozy Christmas evening, a glass of whiskey in hand, surrounded by the warmth of good company. Or perhaps, a toast to the New Year with fine wine and delectable chocolates. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? This prize could be yours!

How to join the festive fun: Hurry on down to our Thrift Shop and grab your squares before they vanish! With only 50 squares available, these tickets are hotter than chestnuts roasting on an open fire. 🔥🎫

Why wait? Make it a Gift or Treat Yourself! This festive bundle isn’t just a raffle prize; it’s the perfect Christmas gift or the ideal companion for your holiday meals. 🎁🍽️

🚫 Over 18s Only! Please note, this festive fun is strictly for those 18 and above. Let’s keep the merriment responsibly spirited! 🥂🎉

Spread the Word and the Cheer!

Tag your friends, share the news, and let’s make this raffle the talk of the town! Your support not only adds excitement to the season but also contributes to the fantastic work at Moray Reach Out.

Don’t miss out on the chance to win big and make your holidays even brighter! See you at the Thrift Shop, where festive dreams come true! 🌟🎅 #ChristmasRaffleMagic #MROThriftShopJoy #FestiveCheers

Hurry, the squares won’t wait – grab yours today! 🛍️🎉