Fiona’s Fabulous Scrunchies: Handcrafted Delight at MRO Embroidery!

Jan 29, 2024

Hey there, fabulous supporters of Moray Reach Out (MRO) and lovers of unique, handmade accessories! We’ve got some exciting news for you, straight from our talented hands and hearts at MRO Embroidery in Elgin.

Meet Fiona, Our Creative Maestro:

Fiona, working alongside our dedicated staff, has been busy crafting these wonderful scrunchies that are stealing the spotlight! These little beauties are not just stylish additions to your collection but also a testament to the creativity and skills of the incredible individuals we work with.

Affordable Elegance at Just £2:

For a mere £2 per scrunchie, you can own a piece of handmade elegance that not only adds a pop of style to your ensemble but also supports a fantastic cause. Yes, you heard it right—two pounds for a handcrafted accessory made with love and care.

Limited Stock Alert! Get Yours at MRO Embroidery in Elgin:

Hurry, folks! These scrunchies are flying off the shelves, and we don’t want you to miss out. Pop along to MRO Embroidery in Elgin to grab yours while stock lasts. Fiona is a crafting dynamo, and she’ll be whipping up a few more for you to choose from.

Behind the Scenes: Crafting with Care:

Ever wondered what goes into creating these lovely scrunchies? Each one takes around 15 minutes to make, involving precise measurements and expert cutting of the fabric before the magic of sewing begins. Fiona puts her heart into each piece, ensuring that you get a high-quality accessory that reflects the dedication of our talented team.

Sustainable Crafting: No Fabric Goes to Waste:

At MRO Embroidery, we believe in sustainability. Fiona is using bits of fabric that might be too small for other projects, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. It’s our way of making the most of every resource and creating something beautiful out of what some might consider scraps.

Wednesday Sessions:

Exciting news! Fiona has designated Wednesdays as her scrunchie crafting days. If you miss out on the current designs, don’t worry—more are on the way. We plan to always have the classic tartan scrunchies in stock, but keep an eye out for new and exciting designs that will complement them, depending on the fabric we have kicking around the shop.

Join Us in Supporting a Worthy Cause:

By purchasing these scrunchies, you’re not just buying a fashion statement; you’re contributing to the empowerment of adults with learning disabilities. Every sale helps us create more opportunities, quality placements, and work experiences for our incredible trainees, fostering confidence, self-esteem, and a pathway to independent living and supported employment.

More Handcrafted Goodies Await You:

But wait, there’s more! At MRO Embroidery, we have a treasure trove of handcrafted goodies for you to explore. Our delightful keyrings, priced at £3.50, add a touch of uniqueness to your keys, while our stylish lanyards, available at £5, are both practical and eye-catching.

Visit MRO Embroidery in Elgin Today:

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to MRO Embroidery in Elgin and treat yourself to a Fiona-crafted scrunchie, a charming keyring, or a fashionable lanyard. Stylish, affordable, and supporting a great cause—our handcrafted goodies are a win-win for everyone!

See you there, and let’s adorn the world with Fiona’s fabulous scrunchies and more! 😊🌟