Introducing our Your Choice Programme

May 10, 2017

Moray Reach Out has recently been awarded some funding for our programme aimed at people recovering from mental health problems to attend any one of our social enterprises. Your Choice is a flexible 3 to 12 week programme where people can gain confidence and training through working in retail, recycling, industrial settings or crafting.

The main criteria is that an individual is recovering from a period of mental ill health, has a genuine interest in participating and will be a good match for one of our sites.

The funding we have received from Money for Moray has allowed us to break down barriers through cutting down paper work. People interested in the programme can now self-refer through contacting us.

The first step will always be to meet the individual at a time and place that is comfortable to them. We will discuss what interests them and what they want to gain from their experience at our social enterprises. Then we will take them to look around one or more of our sites and show them how we run.

Our sites offer a wide range of interests and opportunities. All are a safe, supportive, non-judgemental and person centred environment.

Finally we will agree a start date, which can be a start with a few hours and build up to one day per week. Our programme puts recovery in your hands!

To self-refer or for more information contact us at or call 07842 356162.