MRO Art Yarn

Dec 7, 2021

Here at Moray Reach Out we make a number of bespoke products with our trainees (adults with learning disabilities), volunteers and staff creating each from start to finish. A product that we are particularly proud of is our yarn. We have outlined a few unique selling points which we believe makes our yarn a great choice for your next upcoming project.

  • Handcrafted from Scratch:

From shearing, washing, teasing, carding, hand-spinning, weaving and everything in between. All of our yarn is 100% handmade: from flock to stock.


  • Handspun


After the preparation has been completed with the aid of our trainees, staff and volunteers then hand-spin the fleece that has come straight from our very own Shetland sheep who live locally in the Moray area. It isn’t often that you know exactly where the material for your products have come from and that the animals involved are incredibly well taken care off (and slightly spoiled).


These brothers are a prime example of our quality Shetland fleece. Once the weather is ‘Scottish’ hot, their fleeces will rise, and it will be time to sheer once again.




  • Undyed:

We believe that all of our sheep’s wool is completely unique, we like to embrace all the natural textures and colours. This means that our yarn is completely untreated with any dye. The colours of yarn are completely organic and truly reflect the colour of the sheep’s fleece.

  • 100% Natural:

We do not use any harsh chemicals throughout the process of creating the yarn. We use soap and water to clean the yarn (twice) to ensure any debris are no longer within the wool and the colours really shine. We like to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible, and we are proud of our methods and abilities to create such wonderful yarn.