Summer 2023 Fundraising

Aug 14, 2023

Through our Summer raffle and coffee morning, that was held on the 5th of August, we have been able to raise £2490.78 to go towards Phase II of our eco-conservation garden development which will expand the type of work experience we can provide to our trainees. Phase I was very successful and we have developed an area to wash and dry fleece for our spinning project as well as a wheelchair accessible area for our staff, volunteers, and trainees. Plans for Phase II are to make the remainder of the garden accessible and safe for all.

A note from Shona:

“A huge thank you!

Thank you to the Board members for hosting a coffee morning and to everyone who helped out – both with preparations running up to the day and supporting on the day itself either by helping or attending.  The morning was a great success, especially enjoyed by many of our trainees and their families.  The raffle was a sell out!  A special thank you to Megan for managing the raffle process in my absence and for multi-tasking on the day!”

Shona Radojkovic – General & Business Development Manager

We would also like to say a massive thank you to all the local businesses who supported our raffle by donating prizes which allowed us to raise such a fantastic amount of money! All businesses have been listed below: