Moray Reach Out is a great organisation where people are valued and who produce great products! Thank you!


Have got to say the trainees of Moray Reach out are amazing and make it a wonderful place to be part of. Pleasure to be around. The charity itself do a wonderful job as a united front bringing purpose and pride not just to the trainees lives....


I enjoy seeing the different strands of the business represented on social media with a blend of the personnel and the job they do taking centre stage

Shops are amazing!

Great to see how happy the workers are going about their daily tasks. The photos give us a real insight into the variety of work undertaken and the pride everyone takes in their work. Moray Reach Out seems to be constantly evolving providing even more opportunities...

A lovely supportive atmosphere

I often pop into the shop for wool and other items for my knitting. There’s also a lovely selection of beautiful hand knitted items suitable for a baby or toddler. An ideal gift. It’s always lovely to hear the chatter from the groups working away in the back room. A...