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Who We Are


Moray Reach Out (MRO) stands as an exceptional organisation, driven by an enthusiastic, experienced, and dedicated team of Board members, staff, and volunteers. It was founded in 1996 by a dedicated group of parents and carers in Buckie. Initially, our focus was on providing outings and trips for adults with learning disabilities, offering a valuable respite for parents and carers through our ‘Take a Break’ initiative.

Our core mission is to create life-changing opportunities for individuals who confront challenges in both work and daily life, empowering them to overcome obstacles. We are deeply committed to reshaping mindsets and leaving a lasting, positive impact on future generations.

In 1999, we expanded our services by establishing two wool and haberdashery shops in Buckie and Elgin, providing our learners with essential craft and retail skills. The year 2001 marked a significant milestone when we secured funding from the Big Lottery to establish a recycling centre for cans, enabling us to offer training opportunities to adults with learning disabilities in an industrial setting.

Presently, Moray Reach Out provides over 100 training places per week to approximately 50 individuals with varying degrees of learning disabilities in training and work placement experience across the 4 projects.

Our various projects include MRO Yarns & Crafts, MRO Embroidery & Fine Gifts, MRO Recycling Buckie, MRO Thrift Shop, MRO Art Yarn (Spinning and Art Yarn creation), MRO Art Buttons, and other Upcycling activities. Additionally, we take pride in our association with the Moray Council Materials Recycling Facility in Elgin, staffed by our dedicated recycling team.

Our unique social enterprises comprise two essential components: training and trading. They provide not only valuable learning opportunities for our trainees but also deliver high-quality products and services that our trainees take immense pride in.

At the heart of our organisation lies our unwavering mission: to develop fresh avenues, quality placements, and work experience opportunities for adults with learning disabilities. These placements are designed to enhance their quality of life, boost confidence and self-esteem, and, where appropriate, facilitate their transition into gainful employment.

Our vision is simple yet profound: “Empowering Lives!” As a vibrant and sustainable social enterprise, we continuously expand our spectrum of opportunities for adults with learning disabilities. Our aspiration is to nurture their skills, build confidence, promote general health and well-being, and, when feasible, empower individuals on their path towards independent living and supported employment.

Our guiding motto encapsulates our approach: “Change mindsets by never underestimating people; we do with, not for, and we always encourage them to give it a go.” We believe in the boundless potential of every individual we serve and are committed to unlocking their talents and abilities.