MRO Art Yarn

Jan 12, 2024

At Moray Reach Out (MRO), we believe in the transformative power of hands-on crafting, and our Art Yarn project is a shining example of this philosophy. In this blog post, we invite social carers and parents to explore the unique and empowering journey our Art Yarn takes, from sheep to yarn.

❤️ Yarn for the Mind: Fostering Mental Wellness

Crafting every ball of Art Yarn at Moray Reach Out (MRO) is a heartfelt endeavor, uniting our dedicated team of staff, volunteers, and trainees. The journey commences with the shearing of fleece from a local flock of Shetland sheep, setting the stage for a hands-on process where each participant plays a pivotal role in crafting this special yarn.

Beyond the yarn itself, MRO’s Art Yarn project places a strong emphasis on well-being. Participants engage in hands-on tasks such as teasing wool fibers, a delightful tactile activity that opens up opportunities for casual conversations within the group. Teasing wool proves to be not only a productive activity but also an enjoyable social experience. The subsequent step involves carding wool, a mechanical process requiring teamwork. Two individuals collaborate as one feeds teased wool into hand-cranked hairbrush rollers, producing long, clean wool fibers ready for the spinning stage. This collaborative effort not only results in quality materials but also adds a touch of exercise to the process, fostering a sense of teamwork and accomplishment.

Once the fleece is carded, it becomes the canvas for hand spinning. With practice, many participants master the art of spinning, producing finished hanks of wool ready for sale or for use in-house weaving and knitting projects. The weaving of wool, ranging from creating large rugs to small coffee mug coasters, captivates the interest of all participants. Our workshops are equipped with numerous weaving looms, providing individuals with a platform to express their crafting skills.

🐑 Natural Art Yarn:

Our locally sourced Shetland sheep provide us with soft, warm, and chunky wool, ideal for crafting cozy knitwear. This natural gift from our flock is transformed into a creative warm embrace, connecting nature and craft in a meaningful way. The use of Shetland wool adds warmth and quality to the final product, creating a yarn with a story and soul.

A Community of Crafters: Knowledge Sharing and Support:

Beyond yarn and fleece, MRO’s Art Yarn project is about building a community. Our staff, volunteers, and trainees are the backbone of our mission. They’re not just eager to help; they’re thrilled to share their knowledge, support our trainees, and assist our valued customers.

So, social carers and parents, if you’re seeking a day service that goes beyond expectations, choose MRO Art Yarn as they do more than just create high-quality Art Yarn; it means joining a creative family, weaving a tapestry of empowerment and positivity.

Reach out today if you are interested in MRO Art Yarn or any other of our wonderful MRO projects. 💕

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Let’s create, learn, and grow together.