Unleash Your Creativity: Special Batch of Shetland Wool for a Festive Masterpiece!

Nov 29, 2023

Hey knitting enthusiasts and craft lovers! 🌟✨ At Moray Reach Out, we’ve got something truly special for your holiday crafting adventures – a gorgeous batch of Shetland wool straight from the first shear of a Shetland sheep! 🐑💖

Why It’s Special:

  • Softness Galore: This slub-style spin is a perfect 10 out of 10 in natural softness, right from the fleece.
  • Texture and Colors: With curls, texture, and a mosaic of natural hues, your creation will be a unique masterpiece.
  • Ample Yardage: We’ve got 650gms, 750 meters of pure crafting joy waiting for you!

Craft Your Own Festive Marvel:

The suggested knitting needle size is 15mm circular, and the possibilities are endless! 🧶✨ Take a look at the stunning jumper showcased – a lightweight, easy, casual wear perfect for home or any holiday outing.


  • Jumper Weight: 510gms (for a large size, approximately size 16)
  • Versatile Usage: The 650gms in this special batch is perfect for larger sizes or a longer body knit.

Your Exclusive Offer:

We’re offering this incredible wool for £22/100gm, but wait, there’s more! As a special batch offer, you can grab it for just £130! 🎁🌈

Get Yours Today:

Unleash your creativity and make this holiday season truly special with a bespoke knit that’s as unique as you are! 🌲🎁

Order Now by filling out the form below, first come first served:

  • Price: £130 for the special batch
  • Quantity: 650gms, 750 meters
  • P&P: + £5

Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer! 🌟💙 For orders and inquiries, drop us a message or visit our shop. Let’s knit some magic together! 🧵🌟 #KnitMagic #CraftingJoy #MorayReachOut #WoollyWonderful